What is Chi?

Goldfish‘Chi’ (also spelt ‘Qi’) is the Chinese word for ‘life force energy’ - also known as ‘Ki’ in Japanese.

It is a subtle form of energy which is considered by many to be a manifestation of the fundamental “fuel” of life as it flows through our bodies. The Chinese and Japanese have recognised the central importance of Chi in mediating all the processes of life for thousands of years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the key understanding that in a healthy body this subtle yet powerful energy is being channelled through ‘meridians’ to all the organs of the body on a regular cycle – and that any blockage of this flow will inevitably result in ill health and other disabilities.

Many traditional approaches to supporting good health in Asia – including the age-old medical systems of China, Japan, Thailand and India – emphasise that balance is best maintained within the body through encouraging the flow of this vital energy throughout the body. These approaches recognise the wisdom in nature’s design, and seek to bring back the healthy balance that children enjoy.

Our bodies are designed for self-maintenance, but these natural processes can become blocked through habitual mis-use – such as poor posture, poor diet, inadequate sleep and rest, and excessive stress. All these strains on our body’s energy-based systems can lead to failure of their natural self-regulatory mechanisms.

Many of the therapies we now enjoy in the West – such as acupuncture, reflexology, shiatsu and the other wonderfully invigorating forms of Asian massage - share this basic understanding of the need to keep energy moving, and the inherent capacity of the body’s systems to keep functioning efficiently when given adequate exercise and other forms of stimulation.

Acupuncture and other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) aims to ensure the smooth flow of chi through the body's meridians. This approach is based on the belief that illness is generally caused by an imbalance of chi - t'ai chi and chi gong, for example, are practised daily by millions of Chinese - more as a form of preventive healthcare than as a martial art.


Practitioners of TCM believe that stimulating the flow of chi energy helps to promote vitality and balance, eliminates blockages and stagnation, adjusts metabolism, supports the body’s systems to function smoothly and efficiently, and helps regenerate the body’s energy reserves.

Regular use of a Chi Exercise Machine stimulates the flow of chi, and this helps to bring balance back when stress and loss of optimum health have become prevelant.