What are the effects of using a Chi Exercise Machine?


Using a chi exercise machine gives your body a treat: it creates a simple motion from the pelvis up through the torso which your body perceives as EXERCISE.

As you probably know, exercise can have positive influences on health in many ways, including stimulating the nervous system, deepening our breathing, and boosting circulation.

Unlike most types of active exercise, using a chi exercise machine gives us a form of low-impact PASSIVE EXERCISE which involves no effort. Of course it does not strengthen the muscles or bones like more intensive exercise does, and we would not advise anyone to treat this as a substitute for normal active exercise. But it does have some unique benefits which happen because you are lying down with your body fully supported, which allows you to completely relax.

In other words, though we might at first glance think this is not real exercise, the fact that this is a COMPLETELY PASSIVE exercise is in some important ways a real PLUS. Specifically, it means that your whole body – including your nervous system and brain - can move into RELAX mode to a remarkable extent at the same time as the powerful stimulation effects are happening.

This ability to enjoy STIMULATION while you are completely RELAXED is a unique feature of using chi exercise machines. It’s like a real treat for your body as it is getting some of the important benefits of stimulating exercise while at the same time releasing tension.

Active exercise, even when we are playing a sport we enjoy, naturally involves some tension in the nervous system and muscles. This is no bad thing, and we need this kind of exercise too.

But it’s a great treat for our bodies when we get the chance to get an energy boost while letting go of the habitual tension that many of us suffer from. This sort of tension can become almost permanent if we don’t give our bodies a chance to release it, and this often leads to aching muscles, poor posture, sciatica and other kinds of physical and mental stress.

This function of releasing tension is a valuable side effect of using a chi exercise machine regularly, and has benefits in relation to stress relief, back care and sleep