Sleep benefits


One of the big benefits of using a chi exercise machine noticed by many users is the help it gives in relaxing. It seems that the sideways oscillation of the pelvis not only stimulates the nervous system but also triggers a release of tension.

This effect can also help with people who have problems getting enough restful sleep. Many users with sleep problems report that it is easier to sleep after using a chi exercise machine – and many will have a session just before going to bed, to help them relax.

Apart from the effect of physical relaxation, a session on a chi exercise machine can help you let go of all the thoughts racing through your mind that are often a barrier to sleep. One simple technique is to focus on your breathing during a session – you’ll notice that breathing naturally deepens as a result of the exercise factor – just watch the breath go in and out and this will help to calm your mind.

If you have difficulty sleeping even when you are tired we recommend using a chi exercise machine just before getting into bed – you may find yourself falling asleep very easily!

While there are other methods of helping with good sleep, we would caution against overuse of medication. The Royal College of Psychiatrists has this to say on the subject:

Can medication help?

People have used sleeping tablets for many years, but we now know that they:

  • don't work for very long
  • make you tired and irritable the next day
  • lose their effect quite quickly, so you have to take more and more to get the same effect
  • are quite addictive. The longer you take sleeping tablets, the more likely you are to become dependent on them.

There are some newer sleeping tablets …. but these seem to have many of the same drawbacks as the older drugs….. Sleeping tablets should only be used for short periods (less than 2 weeks) - for instance, if you are so distressed that you cannot sleep at all.

You can read more about The Royal College’s advice on sleep here

One source of information on the sleep benefits of chi exercise machines is a series of trials with healthcare practitioners that showed many of the participants reporting on improvements in their ability to relax and enjoy better sleep. These trials were conducted by Energy for Health of UK with practitioners using the Surge of Chi Exerciser. To read an article on the results, which appeared in Positive Health magazine, click here

We plan to expand on this article as we gather more information, case studies and testimonials on the broad range of health conditions related to stress that seem to respond well to use of a chi exercise machine – including sleep.

To help us with this research, please send us an email with your own story.