General health benefits


What are the general health benefits of using a Chi Exercise Machine?

Just as ordinary exercise is known to be important for keeping our bodies healthy in many ways, using a chi exercise machine regularly gives benefits to general health, and is not targeting one or two particular health conditions.

One way to understand this is to look at the difference between a health-related treatment that is holistic and one that is targeted at treating one specific condition or ailment.

Holistic treatments are designed to give the sort of support that will allow our body’s natural health maintenance and healing systems to perform on a higher level. This is a different approach from pharmaceutical or surgical procedures that are designed to fix a specific problem, to suppress pain, or to somehow delay the inevitable.

There are many holistic therapies that can trigger positive changes that act to rebalance your system. Using a chi exercise machine regularly can give your body a tune-up in a similar way, though a therapist can of course use their skill and knowledge to work on particular aspects that they decide need attention.

Regular use of a chi exercise machine gives a whole body boost to your health

Regular use of a chi exercise machine will have a truly holistic effect on your body’s health because the whole system is being stimulated – in contract to the more targeted approach that is used with most treatments and healthcare devices. In this sense it is your body that will decide how to use the extra boost of energy, depending on its own priorities, and no one can be sure what changes might occur, or what you might notice.

Here are some of the aspects of maintaining good health where it is generally known that regular use of a chi exercise machine could produce overall benefits:

  • blood system (improved circulation - see clinical trials)
  • lymph system - in particular, sufferers from lymphoedema (see clinical trials)
  • the digestive system and intestines, particularly for sufferers from constipation
  • autonomic nervous system – rebalancing through the stimulation of the spinal column
  • release of tension in back, neck and shoulders (see Backcare Benefits)
  • stimulates the immune system - relief for auto-immune system disorders such as chronic fatigue
  • improved sleep (see Sleep Benefits)
  • oxygen exchange at the lungs (including relief for asthma sufferers)
  • oxygen exchange at cell level - for healthy cellular activity
  • metabolism – reduction in body fat and weight (see clinical trials)
  • ‘chi’ or life-force energy flow – a perceptible boost of this subtle flow of energy – for many people feeling this very pleasant sensation is very noticeable
  • relief of stress symptoms – at physical, mental &/or emotional levels (see Stress Relief Benefits)
  • muscle toning - triggering of cellular memory