Chi Machine Back Care Benefits



The main focus of “goldfish exercise” - the Japanese principle on which a chi machine or chi exercise machine is based – is stimulation of our body’s energy systems. This has many benefits through promoting better circulation.

Although these passive exercise chi machines were not designed specifically to treat bad backs, the unique way in which they work to mobilize the whole of the back does lead to a key set of benefits for spinal health.

A common symptom of stiff or aching backs, shoulders and necks is tension. Typically this tension builds up because of poor posture and other unconscious habits in the way we use our bodies. As time goes on we unconsciously hold that tension semi-permanently – it does not even get released while we are asleep at night in bed.

The great news is that the gentle mobilization of the hips and spine that happens while using a chi machine seems to be particularly beneficial in releasing this tension. Because your body is fully supported and is therefore able to relax while the movement is happening, it seems to be easier to let go of those postural habits that have caused tension to be held in the muscles. Many people notice that this then leads to release of this tension – especially with regular use of a chi exercise machine.

One source of information on the benefits for back care is a series of trials with healthcare practitioners that showed many of the participants reporting on improvements in the area of back, neck and shoulders. These trials were conducted by Energy for Health of UK with practitioners using the Surge of Chi Exerciser. To read an article on the results, which appeared in Positive Health magazine, click here.