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*Note: The Chi Machine® is the registered Trade Mark of Chan-Hsiung Pan and others. More information on terminology available here

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There are now chi exercise machines to suit most people’s budget and with various types of design, functionality and build quality. read more...

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We have negotiated a special 15% discount for readers on any of the chi machine models at read more...

ImageWhat's a Chi Machine?

Chi exercise machines are passive exercisers. They give stress-free exercise while the user is lying down relaxing. read more...

ImageWhat is Chi?

‘Chi’ (also spelt ‘Qi’) is the Chinese word for ‘life force energy’ - also known as ‘Ki’ in Japanese. read more...

ImageThe original

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine®  is marketed outside Japan by Hsin Ten Enterprise Co. Ltd of Taiwan read more...

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What are the general health benefits of using a Chi Exercise Machine? Read more...

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Many specific health & fitness benefits have been reported by a wide range of users. Read more...

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These machines are great for relieving stress.

ImageThe Chi Machine®

The Sun Ancon is based on the original Chi Machine® invented in Japan in the 1980's read more...

ImagePrice & Quality

There are many types on the market. Which is best for you? read more...

ImageFixed or variable speed?

Some claim there is a special speed. Does this claim have any merit? read more...


What clinical trials and other research have been done? read more...

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What have Healthcare Professionals said about chi exercise machines? read more...

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Are there any case studies on clinical use?

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Compare Different Types of Chi Machine

We have compiled a chi machine review with detailed comparisons of some of the leading brands.

Is this really exercise?

Many people who see chi exercise machines without trying them feel these devices are not actually giving any real form of exercise. The body is moving, but how could that motion be considered exercise when the user is making no effort and looks totally relaxed?

What's a Chi Machine®?

The term “chi machine” is used generically for a type of passive exerciser that gives a valuable form of exercise to the human body while the user is lying down.

Sun Ancon Chi Machine®

The Sun Ancon Chi Machine® is marketed throughout the world outside of Japan by Hsin Ten Enterprise Co. Ltd of Taiwan, and is based on the original device that was invented in Japan and launched in 1990.

Early history

The motion which is created by a sideways oscillation of the pelvis has been known to be beneficial in Japan for almost 100 years, if not longer. This exercise form is popularly known in Japan as kingyo undo - or ‘goldfish exercise’.

Our Aims

The objective of this site is to bring you the complete story of the original Chi Machine, with impartial background research and a review of how it compares with other Chi Exercise Machines in its class.

The Chi Machine Story is a story that’s been waiting to be told for many years. Beyond Stress Foundation has chosen to start telling this story on this website - in the open, balanced, positive and inspiring way that it deserves.


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